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Competition Terms

Date of draw

The draw will occur on the 1 October 2021.

Qualification for the draw

To qualify the winner must have completed all questions in the survey before the draw date.

Weekly rent prize

Once participant of the survey will be drawn at random to win one week’s free rent. If the weekly rent exceeds $1000 then the winner may need to verify the amount of their rent and can do so without disclosing unnecessary or information by redacting data that they do not wish to disclose. This prize is limited to a maximum of $2000.

Privacy Statement for this survey


The purposes of collecting the information in this survey are:

  • Discrimination: To see if tenants are being discriminated against and the grounds in which they are experiencing this.
  • Application fees: To ascertain whether tenants have encountered fees when applying for a tenancy and whether tenants could afford these fees.
  • Statistical use: For statistical purposes. The results may be published in an anonymous way.

Survey results

We may use your email address to contact you about the results of this survey.

Collector of information

The information collected in this survey is collected by the SurveyMonkey platform and stored securely in the SurveyMonkey platform servers. Please see SurveyMonkey's privacy policy at https://www.surveymonkey.com/mp/legal/privacy

Who will receive this information?

Tenant.co.nz will be the recipient of the information collected in this survey and may publish the results anonymously.

Voluntary survey

The information requested in this survey is not compulsory and is completely voluntary. If you do not choose to complete the survey, there is no negative consequence and it will not affect your tenancy application or how it is treated.

No personal information collected in this survey will be disclosed to any third party in a form that could reasonably be expected to identify the individual concerned, without the individual's express consent.

Storage and security

The information collected will be stored securely in the SurveyMonkey platform. If the information is downloaded from the SurveyMonkey platform, it will be securely stored by Tenant.co.nz.

Access and correction

You have the right at any time to request a copy of the information you have submitted and can request the correction of any information at any time by emailing info@tenancy.co.nz


We will retain the results of the survey for the length of time necessary to publish the results and effectively communicate the survey results to you.

Once the results of the survey are anonymised and published, the identifying information will be deleted.


The information collected in this survey may only be disclosed in an anonymised statistical form to you and other people who complete the survey or to the public, unless disclosure of the identifying information is necessary by reason of law.

The information will not be transferred to any company or person outside of New Zealand under any circumstances.

Unique Identifiers

No unique number or identifier will be assigned to your survey or personal information.